Business Continuity Management Standards are guidelines to develop, implement and manage business continuity.
There are various business continuity standards published by different standards bodies.

The following are some of the more popular standards used in Asia:


There are a number of similar worldwide standards:

North America

NFPA 1600: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs. Published by the National Fire Protection Association.

ASIS/BSI BCM.01:2010 Business Continuity Management Systems: Requirements with Guidance for Use. Published in December 2010 and developed jointly between ASIS and BSI for North America.



Published by Standards Australia:

HB 292-2006 : A practitioners guide to business continuity management

HB 293-2006 : Executive guide to business continuity management

AS/NZS 5050 : Business Continuity Managing disruption-related risk