An online software application (SaaS) that allows businesses to seamlessly implement, manage and maintain their Business Continuity (BC) programme and documentations.

Compliant to BCM Standards

Compliant to ISO22301 BCMS standard and BCM best practices. Provides regular upgrades and updates to meet industry standards and changes.

Supports BCM Development

Supports review, maintenance, approval, publication and self‑assurance processes according to your own BCM policy requirements.

Reflects True Ownership

Empowers BC managers, BC plan owners and maintainers to act accordingly through different system user roles.

Includes Incident Management

Allows you to manage crisis and make key decisions confidently and quickly with real-time status updates.

Template Driven

Supports unlimited BCMS documentation and plans with pre‑populated ISO compliant templates. BC plans maintenance has never been so easy.


Automates the population of  changes from BIA to your BC plans. No more version control issues. Automated task reminders include scheduled reviews and compliance process reminders.


With ezBCM mobile, you can access to critical information in your BC plans anywhere, supplementing traditional paper-based plans.


Works securely with all internet browsers, requiring no installation on client PCs.

Why ezBCM?

We believe technology should add value and support you in what you do. Business continuity tools are not used daily and therefore have to be simple for users to understand and require minimal central administration. Our wizard‑like user interface allows the users to breeze past the various implementation processes with great ease.

Don’t know how to begin your BCM programme? Don’t worry. We have partnered with BCP Asia to pre-populate the software with practical BCM domain knowledge and templates relevant to this region. We have also incorporated the latest ISO22301 standards into our templates to accelerate your implementation life cycle. It’s like having your own BCM consultant guiding you along as you implement your BCM programme step-by-step via the software. Based on our own experience gained from over 10 years of real business continuity delivery, whether you are new to BCM or have a matured programme, operate at one location or globally, and want to build 10 BC plans or 100 BC plans, we recommend ezBCM to be your preferred BCM implementation tool.

Delivering real business benefit

  • Minimises central resource in managing continuity
  • Gives managers the capability to manage their own BIA’s, plans and exercises
  • Improves consistency of approach across the business
  • Ensures that key contacts are available and correct in all plans
  • Tailored to meet your specific business requirements
  • Reduces data management by interfacing with existing technologies





  • ezBCM was introduced to us when we embarked on the business continuity journey since July 2016. While different business units may deploy unique ways to manage their respective business processes during a disruption, ezBCM serves as the epicentre where all information resides. This proves to be a leveraged move for me as the program manager, the ease of getting information at a designated platform means save time and reduced hassle of checking with individual department coordinators.

    Lee Chai Erl

    Assistant Director in a facility and property industry

  • I can’t imagine just how difficult it might be to manage and track the progress of BIA and BCP of 25 departments within my organisation without the use of such well-thought-out software like ezBCM.  Creating BC Plans from BIA is a breeze in just a few clicks. With ezBCM, it has significantly lessened my workload.


    BCM Manager in healthcare industry

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