The world that we operate in is often unpredictable. We don’t know what bad things may happen us tomorrow.

We cannot prevent bad things from happening to us but we can plan and get organised to minimise the impact these events have on our business. Business Continuity Management or BCM, helps you manage the risks that threaten the smooth running of your business, so your business can continue without any disruption.

According to SPRING Singapore’s SS540:2008 standard for BCM is defined as:

A holistic management process that identifies potential impacts which threaten an organization and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities.

What if our staff cannot report to work due to a flu pandemic?

What if we lose our office space and equipment in a fire?

What if we lose all our data in our computers?

How is BCM relevant to your business?

BCM functions more than just as an insurance for your business. It enables your organization to:

  • Increase resilience to business disruptions
  • Enhance business reputation and customer confidence
  • Protect business assets and infrastructure
  • Assure stakeholders the continued supply of goods and services during crises

How can we help you?

At BC Connex, we provide products and solutions that streamlines the Business Continuity Management process to increase your organisation’s corporate resilience.


ezBCM is a web-based (SaaS) software that effectively manages and automates your Business Continuity Management activities.

ezNotify is an online SMS emergency notification system that will let you reach the appropriate groups of people with just a few clicks.

ezSimulation is the solution to your annual BCM exercise woes. Simply conduct your BCM exercises with ezSimulation and get automated reports and analysis instantly.

ezWorkspace provides you with dynamic recovery locations including the necessary office equipment and amenities to suit your needs during a crisis.